Monday, July 16, 2007

Preparing my Online Business for the Holiday Season

One of the my major preoccupation nowadays is redesigning my online business website MyLittleBaker, I have been surfing the Web for ideas, tips on how to maximize my website so I can maximize my profits this coming Christmas season. I sell chocolates and baked goodies and my peak season is Christmas and this year I intend to give it my all.

Here are some nice I ideas I learned while surfing:

  • Increase inventory of top-selling Holiday items by as much as 1000 percent.
    You already know your bestsellers based on the last few years' sales so it is safe to increase your stock of these items.
  • Do E-mail advertising/marketing by October
    It is a good practice especially if you have many contacts to send them e-mails about your business and your products just in time when they are already thinking about the Christmas gifts they want to give to their friends and family. You can even start earlier especially here in the Philippines where we usually start the Christmas season when the months end with “ber”. I’m not really an expert on this online marketing stuffs but I know it is really effective in bringing customers to your website and there are events that you can check out if you want to know more. Join the 1st Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit on August 9 and 10.
  • Have Pre-Christmas promos or a short survey on your site by November.
    If you want to get a feel of your customers’ thoughts on what they plan to buy this Holiday season try to engage them in answering short surveys with the promise to give discounts when they buy from you during the season. It can be in the form of a pay-per-click promotion.
  • Reflect the Holiday theme on you website by November
    Make your online visitors feel the Christmas Season through your site and would likely encourage them to buy what you are selling.

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