Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lorenzo Goes To School: A month after

It’s been a month since my four year old son Lorenzo started attending Nursery at Immaculate Conception Cathedral School and our life as a family will never be the same again.
Immediately after Lorenzo started schooling my husband and I realized that our daily routines must be altered to adjust to Lorenzo’s school needs but what took me by surprised was that some of our beliefs or some of the way how we raise our son would also be reevaluated and changed.

I had this notion before that when Lorenzo goes to school his every need in relation to teaching him about reading and writing will be taken care of at school and I would just be at home marveling on the progress he is making. I WAS WRONG.

I realized that sending your child to school meant that the things he learned at school should also be reinforced and practiced at home. I realized that the amount of assignment a Nursery pupil can be overwhelming for both the pupil and parent.

Attending the Parent Orientation and PTA meeting help me a lot in knowing what I can expect for the whole year while Lorenzo’s attending school. It was also pointed out to us parents that educating our children is not the sole responsibility of the school but also of the parents as well. We were also given the school’s grading system; this was when I realized how strict the school in grading students.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Giving your child a good education is not just in choosing a good school for your child but is also a partnership between the school, teachers and parents. Having a good relationship between the parents and the teacher will be beneficial for the child’s education

  2. A child needs structure in his life, give him routines to follow. My son is an only child and we had this belief that being a child meant giving his unlimited playing time, we want him to enjoy his childhood so we just let him play all day long with his toys but it proved to be a problem in school. He had a problem in staying put in his chair while they are having their lessons and easily gets bored and goes to the place in the classroom filled with toys. If I had known this will happen I would have organized our routine to include a time to play, rest, learn, eat and sleep.

  3. When he arrives from school let him tell you about his day in school. His pediatrician gave this advised. She says it is a good way of letting his review the things he learned in school and makes a routine to tell you everything that is happening to him so that when he grows older you as parents will not be worried that he is keeping secrets form you.

  4. Have a time and place for him to study at home. Last summer I redecorated his room to include a study area and I had set a study time for him an hour before his bedtime. I made his study corner conducive to learning to include a study lamp which he adores and every night without asking him to do so, we go to the table and review his books and do his assignments.

  5. Have a time to regularly meet his teacher and form a good relationship with her. I gave up a teaching load on Fridays just so I can visit my son’s teacher during Fridays. It’s not that I don’t trust her with my son but it is to ask her about the progress my son is making and to consult her on how I can help in improving my son education. As you know my son has a problem paying attention to class early on and their classes follow a strict schedule and if I don’t supplement his lessons at home my son will be left behind in class.

  6. My child’s education is important. I believe education is important to the success of an individual and as a parent it is the one lasting gift we can give our children. After a month I realized that my son comes first than any career I have, that education these days is so competitive and being there for him while he is studying is important. I promised myself that in the next few years I will find a way to be a stay at home mom and just find ways to earn by taking care of my home business and limiting my teaching load.


Christianne said...

"unlimited playing time, we want him to enjoy his childhood so we just let him play all day long with his toys but it proved to be a problem in school"

Yikes, this is what I do with my daughter too; I hadn't realized it could pose a problem in the future. School is a long way off pa but I'll make sure to introduce a "learning" routine way before she starts. Thanks!

julie said...

"I realized that the amount of assignment a Nursery pupil can be overwhelming for both the pupil and parent."

Assignments for a Nursery pupil? That would be okay but I feel that there are too many assignments being given to your son and his classmates, and I can feel that in your post. Because you go to a traditional school, strict grading system is also being implemented. With all these things, I hope your son gets to enjoy playing and enjoy his childhood years. After all, play is an important part of this stage. My 2cents. :)