Monday, July 09, 2007

How the Internet help make my dream business come true

Having a business seems one of those things that seems I can’t live without in my life, since I was in elementary I usually find myself selling something, on school days I sell sandwiches to my classmates because they seem to love the sandwiches prepared by my mother, I even sell them made-to-order. I always have these 20 to 30 sandwiches to sell at school. On summer breaks I put a table in front of our gate and sell chicharon with vinegar to my neighbors or anything that they might buy. I did not do it for the money but for the joy of selling something.

It did not even came to my mind to pursue a course on business in college because I fell in love with computers in high school but after graduating a degree in computer engineering and pursuing a career as a programmer, the business bug came again and came in the form of an IT consulting venture which did not succeed maybe because we were all young and having big money coming in, we were unprepared on how to handle it. The good thing that it did was make me aware that I can’t avoid going into business, that sooner or later I would have my own business.

By year 2000 I discovered chocolate molding and loved it! It was fun making those different designs, plus I save money on just making them then giving them as Christmas gifts to friends and co workers. I get this HIGH in making chocolates, the smell and of course the taste. Do you know all my students since 2000 gets a free taste of chocolates I make every semester? Little by little I started to sell chocolates without realizing that I had loyal customers that regularly orders.

Marketing my chocolates was hard for me, I usually only sell them to friends then the friend tries to sell them also to their friends and they ask me to provide brochures. Printing brochures proved to be a difficult and costly. I tried sending the brochure through e-mail but some are prevented by firewalls of my friends companies or sometimes the file is too large(due to the pictures) that my friends did not even bother to open them.

By 2006 I was finally convinced by friends to put up my own website(MyLittleBaker) where I can place my chocolate creations so I can sell them easily. And it Worked! The Internet enabled me to realize my dream of having a business. If it were not for the Internet maybe I would be stuck in just selling my chocolates to those who knows that I make them and what they look and taste like.

Having my own website opened up my world, I made new friends, got new ideas on what products to create, that I know my customers will like and made marketing my chocolates much easier and of course made my earnings more than double.

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