Sunday, July 15, 2007

Parents as "Suhay"- Sugo ng buhay

When I attended the Parent Orientation at my son’s school I learned a new word “SUHAY” it means sugo ng buhay or protector/guardian of life(my interpretation of sugo). The school director, Msgr. Alfonso Bugawan told the parents present how important is their role in their child’s life. He told us at as parents we are the “suhay” of our children.

I would like to share the Acronym PARENTS that he had given. He says that it can guide us in bringing up our children.

P – Presence
As parents we should not say “we don’t have time” for our children. He said we should give our children the “gift of our presence”

A – Accountability
We must be a more transparent and accountable parents. When we make promises to our children we should not break them for they trust us fully as the first person they trusts we are also teaching them how to trust other people

R – Reconciliation
Give them understanding on the level as children. When we get angry they may not understand why we are angry, try to explain why. And learn to say sorry to them after.

The four magic words of reconciliation
I’m Sorry
I Forgive You
I Love You In spite Of
I Thank You for Being a Child

E – Example
Set example for your children with thoughts and actions

N – Never, Never give up
Never give up as parents in spite of hardships

T – Trust in GOD. Trust in Self. Trust in others

S – Sharing ourselves to others

Father and Mother I Love You


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