Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My New Toy

My Blog have been silent for a week now, its because of my crazy schedule as the semester have started and teaching in two universities, having a son attend preschool, and caring for my family without a house-help made my life a little crazy.

I knew it would happen. Attempting to teach at two schools located in different cities in the metro would be challenging, plus having my son’s school right in between. What saved me is some future planning, meals planned two weeks before, schedules on the whiteboard in the kitchen, a supportive family and buying my new toy.

I’ve been planning on buying a laptop since January I realized that I’ll be needing one specially if I am serious in pursuing my online business. I first made sure that my son’s tuition is all saved up for its not good if I have a laptop but my son can’t attend school because of no money. Then think you ways and strategies in buying my laptop without adding to our current expenses.

My life in going through changes at the moment and my new laptop really is a nice tool to help. It is an ASUS A8FM with a core 2 duo processor, 1GB memory and an 80GB hardisk. It came with a free ipod shuffle. I am one lucky woman!



Where did you buy it? :-)

SexyMom said...

congratulations! now you have a partner in your online work. give it a name!

Dtm [Braga] said...

Wow! High end na high end.. wish I can get one na din!!!

(..maganda pa po ito sa desktop ko ah!!)

jaydj said...

congrats joan ! :) ang ganda ng specs ! dalhin mo next time for show and tell ha.