Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lorenzo's First Day in School

June 13, 2007, Lorenzo's First Day in School. The day started early for me, making breakfast and preparing the clothes to wear plus the things to bring like water and the cameras, Lorenzo's class starts at 11:30 and we will be picked up by the school bus at 11am.

With the food ready, I woke-up Lorenzo at 9 but he is still wants to sleep, carrying him down the stairs and making him sit on the chair, I allotted 30 minutes for him to eat. By 10am it is bath time and at 10:30 we were all ready and waiting. The truth was we had a struggle to make him take a bath and dress up for he wants to go to SM Mall of Asia instead of going to school. He was only appeased when I told him we are going to SM after attending his class.

His mood changed when he saw his school bus, jumping up and down he was excited when he saw kids his age at the bus. We decided to get the services of a school bus because if we commute going to school he have to battle the traffic and the elements specially with the rainy season and riding the jeepney and walking to school will take its toll in his energy specially with a heavy bag to carry. My husband pointed out that he will be safer with the bus than going by public transport.

When we went to his classroom he went to sit first, looking around he spotted the toys and asked my permission to play with them, Teacher Manel says its ok for its still early, it was only 11:15. The class started with the teacher giving the kids stickers with their name on it. The class is small with only 12 students in the class. We parents were allowed to observe the class for it will be only for an hour and I have the whole session in video, his regular class is for three hours. The teacher introduced herself in class and told them that they are in nursery and what section they belong, checking the attendance was next. At the start of the class the toys were removed from the tables and the students sat at their appropriate seats, blue for boys and pink for girls. Lorenzo was restless and started to roam around the room when the teacher started to talk.

The next part was making the students form a line and the kids were praised for following the teacher. When the teacher produced a rope for the kids to hold, that is when Lorenzo started paying attention to the teacher and following what the teacher asks. Holding the rope with the teacher in front they toured around the classroom with the teacher introducing all the areas, the science corner, play area, the dining room, bathroom for boys and for girls, the bedroom and entertainment section where the class can watch videos and then go back to their seats.

The next activity was the distribution of their bags and school supplies like crayons, scissors, pencils and papers and books. Their tuition includes all their school supplies that they will use in class and the food that they will eat for the whole year. Am I one lucky mom or what? All I have to buy was the uniform. The last activity was singing which my son enjoyed, luckily it was all caught in video for he was shy at home when his lola and tita requested him to sing. The song was “if your happy and you know it clap you hands….”. I'll put the video in you tube when I finished editing it.

After that the teacher thanked all of the kids for behaving and gave each of them a star at their right hand and they will receive many more stars in the days to come if they are good. The class ended with a prayer, the same prayer we used to pray when I am still studying there. “Angel of God my guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits me here. Ever this day be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.”

I say the day was a success for not a tear was shed. We were told that we will not be allowed anymore inside the classroom the next day and would have to wait outside. At least now I am content, I know that my son is in good hands and I also realized how independent he already is. I am so proud.


SexyMom said...

don't worry, even if you were the only mom there. what was important was that you were there for lorenzo. it was not a first day in school experience for lorenzo, it was yours as well.

am glad lorenzo enjoyed his first day in school.

Anonymous said...

My nephew also prays that every night :).
Nice blog by the way!

GreyMom said...

What a good way to start the schoolyear! I'm glad Lorenzo had fun on the first day of school.

William Traquena said...

hi there ma'am joan! nice blog, nice mom, and what a nice business you have there! hehehe... goodluck sayo sa pagbabantay mo kay enzo sa skul nya! godbless! lusog pala ng anak mo ma'am jo! pwera usog! :) CmpE IV-3