Friday, June 08, 2007

Hello Mommies! . . . sweet mommy joan signing in!

I am excited to tell everybody that I recently joined the Pinoy moms network. And I would like to share some tidbits about myself.

Hello my fellow mommies! My name is Joan Piñon, I am a mommy to Lorenzo, my 4 year old son. My dream is to become a mother since I was a child and having Lorenzo fulfilled that dream after 2 years of waiting.

I joined the Pinoy moms network to reach out to mothers like me and to learn more about motherhood from fellow mothers in the network.

I catalog my life through my blog Sweet World of Joan. I have been blogging for a year now and now trying to regularly put entries on it. I am a very passionate person that I believe is reflected on my blogs. My life at present is a life filled with planning and decisions to be made, my son just started schooling and I want to be there for him but I have my work too. I am now considering of just being a stay-at-home mommy but I still have to weigh in everything and hopes that this network will give me insights in the decisions I will make.

At present I am a working mom and a budding entrepreneur, I am a university instructor for nine years now teaching computer engineering subjects at Polytechnic University of the Philippines and starting this semester I will also start teaching in Pamantasang Lungsod ng Marikina. I also have this hobby I rediscovered when I got married and turned it to a home-based business, cooking and baking. I baked sweet goodies like crinkles and macaroons but my specialty are molded chocolates, which I sell at Christmas. You can see some of my goodies at my website

Many people who first get to know me will get a weird impression for it seems my life and interests are filled with different things seemingly unrelated to each other. I hold a masters degree in Information Technology and teaches computer/technical subjects and at the same time I have a vocational certificate in Baking(which I took immediately when my graduation in my masters was confirmed) plus numerous seminars on baking and chocolate artistry.

Even my students are amused on my interests and even ask tips in baking and cooking, of course they also enjoy the free treats I bring specially when I am experimenting on a new treat. But I believe the two worlds can be interrelated, just see how I applied my masters degree in putting up my online chocolate business.

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mitchteryosa said...

Got here thru PMN! You are definitely a creative person!