Monday, June 25, 2007

At Summer's End

It's been two weeks since the start of classes, weeks filled with adjustments for me and my family. For me it is time to go to work again as a college computer instructor and for my son it is the start of a new chapter of his life, SCHOOL.

One of the reasons why I chose to teach than to continue my career as a computer programmer is the freedom to choose my time when to go work. I really wanted to have a family so before getting married I shifted to teaching. One of the great things about teaching is that you have summer and Christmas breaks or vacations, but its downside you also don't have a source of income during the whole summer. At least you have a time to try new things and indulge in activities that you can't do when you are working in an office.

Summers are a great time especially if you have kids, you have a time wherein you can really bond with each other. This past summer is really a special and memorable time for me and my son Lorenzo. We really got to bond, it's the time where it is only him and me, his yaya left last February and I am still waiting for the new one my mother in law promised to provide.

We spent the whole summer together even just going to the supermarket to buy supplies became an adventure for both of us. We went to church, ride the LRT, which is his favorite part of going somewhere. Hit the malls and played the day away. Took afternoon naps together and even got to prepare meals together and sometimes spent the day watching his favorite videos.

One new experience for both us is playing video games, I am not much of a gaming person and my ideal game is spider solitaire or tetris so playing Nintendo video games specially playing Paper Mario, a role playing game was really a first in which Enzo was both my partner and cheerer as we blunder along with Mario and getting lost in the forbidden forest. The video game became one of the bonding activity for my family specially when playing Mario Kart(a car racing game). Don't worry now the video game is tucked away waiting for the next vacation to be played again.

It is school time now me and my son, the summer spent only a memory, but a treasured one for both of us. Since I am working again, there are times that I miss those summer days. I know my son also misses those times for sometimes he requests his lolo for afternoon naps like the ones we shared and there are times he asks me when will go to SM.

My son's world is expanding now he has classmates and is in love with his school bus and school, I know that there will come a time that summers will not be spent with just me anymore luckily I have a few summers more to spend alone with him. Summers that I will plan to give us maximum enjoyment and will give more memories to treasure.

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SexyMom said...

savor each moment, keep the memories, next summer will be many months from now, nevertheless, we can make each day memorable with whatever time we can spend with our loved ones.