Monday, December 07, 2009

Zero In: Our History in Art Form

I love history and very passionate in discussing country’s past and present. I love not just knowing the facts but of what could have been. There are times when I imagine myself living this or that era. What would have I felt and how fortunate I am to live at the present.

I love to know the “untold stories” and how our present reflects our past, like history repeating itself. I would look for answers in our history why so many Filipinos act this or that way. Or question myself if our ancestors have chosen a different path what would we become.

I am happy hear about Zero In: Periphery Series from Arvin’s blog.

He gives very informative descriptions of the different museums participating in the Zero In series this year. Here are some information I gathered from Arvin's blog The Intersections & Beyond. Photos I used in this blog courtesy of Arvin.

Here are the Museums participating in this year's Zero In:Periphery Series:

Ateneo Art Gallery

Featuring: Beyond Frame :Philippine Photomedia

Duration: October 1-December 15, 2009

Featured in Beyond Frame are works executed using different forms of photography by Poklong Anading, MM Yu, Romina Diaz, Ringo Bunoan, Christina Dy, Lena Cobangbang, Gina Osterloh, Rachel Rillo, Steve Tirona, Lani Maestro, Mario Co, Norberto Roldan, Gerry Tan and Tony Twigg.

Address: Ateneo Art Gallery, Ateneo de Manila University

Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Phone: (632) 426-6488


Lopez Memorial Museum

Featuring: Deleted Scenes

Duration: November 12, 2009-January 9, 2010

The exhibits invites us to explore at things that may have been omitted, forgotten or neglected in our history, those side stories about the japanese and american occupation of our country. Stories not in our history books but if we search deeper in history is present and available to those who seek it.

Address: Lopez Memorial Museum
G/F Benpres Building, Exchange Road
corner Meralco Avenue
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Phone: (632) 631-2417 or 635-9545

Museo Pambata

Featuring: Invisible Children

Duration: November 26, 2009-January 5, 2010

The exhibits highlights the importance of the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC). The exhibit is an eye opener on how many children today are living in different and difficult situations and that their most basic rights as a child is not met.

Address: Museo Pambata
Roxas Boulevard
corner South Drive, Manila
Phone: 632) 523-1797, 523-1798 and 536-0595

History gives us perspective on how should we act and react to the current turmoil in our country. Together let us visit and get to know our past so that we can feel and reaffirm our love for the Philippines.

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