Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Creating Art

They say that left-handed persons are known to be good graphics artists. I can say they are because I know a few who are really good. But, wait a minute. I am left-handed! And I can only draw people as sticks till now. It was my frustration since I was a child and considers myself exception to that rule.

I don’t consider myself as an “Artist”, maybe because I don’t like the conventional “Art” I do admire paintings but as an ordinary person maybe. Even my horoscope (I am a Pisces) says that I should be in the artistic field.

I am starting to believe that I maybe an artist after all. Last Saturday I delivered the baptismal cupcakes that were ordered by a former student of mine. A few days before Saturday, I was already stressed and agonizing inside, doubting myself if I could ever pull off his order of 30 pcs of specialty cupcakes. The situation was not good, I don’t have anyone available to help me assemble and transport the cupcakes.

The burden was great for I usually make this kind of cupcakes for family and they love it (I thought because they love me no matter how ugly the cakes are). This is the first time I accepted an order for the cupcakes to be eaten by people I don’t know, although it helped that my customer is a former student.

The chocolate teddy bears was already prepared beforehand by my sister-in-law at the start of the week, all I have to do is bake the cupcakes, iced the cakes and place in the box with decors(made me really nervous). I made the cupcakes early Friday evening and woke up at dawn Saturday to make the icing and decorate the cupcakes (The Christening was scheduled at 10am at Cainta). I burned the sugar the first try, so I have to do repeat making the icing again. Luckily my mama was helping me by making the boxes and my hubby promised to accompany to the reception. I relaxed when I saw the cupcakes lining up in the table, they’re beautiful.

I attended the reception and was touched by the admiration by the guests on the cupcake tower I made. Some even thought they are just decors and was surprised when I said that they should be eaten soon. Many complimented how artistic I am. It was a very good feeling. I now believe I might not be good in drawings but I can create something good and sweet that can be considered an “Art”.

I would like to invite you to visit my online store, I can proudly say it showcases my Artistic talent that is both sweet and delicious!

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