Friday, May 16, 2008

Why Health is Wealth?

It took me almost two weeks to start blogging again, I was depressed most of that time. When I get sad or emotionally down I can’t bring myself to write on my blogs. There are so many things I wanted to share but I can’t seem to form the words, to express what I feel.

Last May 6 was supposed to be our 8th Wedding Anniversary and there were great plans on how me and my hubby will spend it. But unfortunately we had to spent it in the hospital to check my swollen right foot, I was in pain and can’t use my right foot to walk or even stand on.

What started as what I thought just a small blister at the sole on my right foot turned out to a big monster source of pain and inconvenience. From what I thought was just a corn(callus) that I had months ago I discovered that it was one nasty wart and now it is infected. I did not consult a doctor about it before because I thought it was just a corn and many advised me that it is common and it will go away on its own. It continued to grow to a point of like having a mongo seed under you feet when you walk but still I ignored it thinking it will go away sooner or later, besides where will I have it checked? Is there a doctor for this kind of mundane things?

So after months of ignoring it and going on with everyday life came the climax so to speak, we went to a summer outing, 2 days of swimming and seafood. A day after(a Sunday), my “corn” started to swell like a volcano made of too much skin and it now hurt bigtime. But still I waited for it to go away, walking gingerly.

I was already preparing for a very busy week ahead. I had a shopping trip to Divisoria to outsource packaging material on Monday, a hot Anniversary date on Tuesday, baking day on Wednesday, a product presentation/taste test for a big Restaurant chain on Thursday, a get together with my high school barkada and a networking/meet-up event with e-business and e-commerce industry players on Friday and finally a facial with my mom on Saturday. Not to mention that Mother’s Day is coming up.

But when I woke up Monday morning my right foot had several more little blisters and my volcano started to become more like araneta coliseum at the size of a one peso coin. And my foot started to swell. I called my husband at the office and told him to take the next day off at work and I think we have to go to a doctor.

The next day, still thinking it was just a skin problem we first went to a dermatologist first at the advice of a relative and from there we were shocked with what he said. He said that it was a wart and asks why did I just came to him now, he can’t remove it and I need surgery pronto! So we went to St. Luke’s Hospital and went to a surgeon for a consult. He said that it is a plantar wart and is infectious, the wart swelled due to long hours soaked in water(swimming) and another wart is starting to grow near it plus and the other blisters were in fact allergies. I told him about the seafood I consumed and it aggravated my condition.

So after siphoning the blood/pus in my swollen warts he told me to not eat chocolates, seafood, eggs and chicken for 10 days so that my blisters can be gone and just clean my wound/wart with soap and water. I need to wait for the swelling to go down and the swollen skin to fall off so that he can assess if we will proceed with the surgery to remove the wart.

I was so disappointed with myself, not taking care of myself and my health lead me to this situation. Opportunities were lost and plans not pushed through as I became immobile for the rest of the week. Went into depression and just spent my days reading all the Harry Potter books( yes, all 7 of them) and playing with Virtual Villagers2. Not even bothering to go online and see all the opportunities I lost that week.

I realized that Personal Health is important, even just a measly foot blister must not be ignored. Before I just endure the pains I feel thinking of the medical cost. But now I promised myself that I will start to take care of my health and stop abusing my body.

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Sexy Mom said...

health is wealth--always true

hope you are ok now?