Saturday, May 10, 2008

Great Summer for Lorenzo

One of the joys of being a kid during summer is going to new places, playing all day and meeting new friends.

Last May 2 and 3, we joined my mother’s office summer outing at a resort in Pampanga. The two day summer outing is the last outing that my mother joins in before she retires this July.

My son Lorenzo was in heaven, he got to swim and play with new friends. Since my son is an only child he seldom has kids his age to play with and the outing was an opportunity for him to develop his social skills.

It was bittersweet when we were parting with his new friends, he invited them to visit us at home. I am so proud of my son’s friendliness and generosity. Making him feel he is loved greatly and is supported in what he is doing made Lorenzo confident and giving towards others.

I hope at that even when my mom retires my son’s communication with his new friends remains.

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