Monday, February 18, 2008

Parental Achievement

I have just paid my son’s last quarter tuition fee and I felt an overwhelming feeling of achievement. I gave the Lord a heartfelt thank you message as I receive the final permit and receipt. I have finished paying Lorenzo’s tuition for this school year and coughing up twenty nine thousand pesos for a whole year in nursery is no joke. As any parent would understand, giving your children the best education that you can provide and afford really matters.

I believe that the primary years of education is important, it is you child’s educational foundation. Once your child have these strong foundation you can be assured of your child’s performance in school till college. It is also one of the gifts my parents gave all of us kids. They sacrificed so that they can send us to a good private school in elementary and then let us loose in high school and college to public schools. We even graduated in state universities.

I love every minute I have studying in all my schools; I am even the one that requested my parents to allow me to enroll in a public high school and because of my strong foundation during my formative years it served me well through college.

It’s not that I frown upon public elementary schools, it just that I would like to give my son the best that we can as parents. I am an educator and I know how good our educators are in public schools.

There are just advantages to having your child on a private school, one is the student-teacher ratio, and it is much smaller at a private school. I am assured that my son will be given proper attention in class.

Another reason why I chose a private school for my son is the lessons given. Being a child of both parents in the Information Technology field my son is exposed early on using computers, multi media and the Internet. So in an ordinary class set up my son will have difficulty in following lessons. This is also encountered by my friends as their children too are exposed to information technology and their children get bored easily at just an ordinary class setup.

Another benefit my son acquired in his school is the good study habits, I will be forever grateful to his teacher Manel for it. My son always asks to study before bedtime, it has become our routine, every night even during weekends and vacations after dinner we go to our room to study his lessons, we review all his notebooks and books and make his assignment if there is any. What a nice start in life, my parents tell me to continue this practice as he grows older.

I am thankful for the fruitful year my son have in school and as the end of the school year approaches I will savor every minute of it and share with you all of the lesson learned I experienced as a parent having a son go to school for the first time. It is also my achievement as a working mother, allocating time for study time and keeping track of his progress at school is an achievement in itself as my son not an easy student most of the time.

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