Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Keeping the Love Alive

Having children is great but sometimes it takes its toll in the relationship as husband and wife. My husband always complains about the lack of privacy and time spent for just the two of us. We even spent these valentines day with our son, “how romantic” hehehe. I just promised him that our anniversary is coming up and we can make up for the lost opportunities then.

One luxury we give ourselves as a couple is checking into hotels even once a year. We love the sense of privacy it gives us, gives us a break from the hectic activity as a family. It is the time we renew our love for each other and or simply put it gives us a chance to just be us, as a couple, as husband and wife. Even just for a day or two we focus on romance, keep the love burning so to speak. We just check in the hotel then go out to enjoy the day as a couple, watch a movie, window shop and eat at our favorite restaurant.

We don’t go too far, because you never know what emergency will pop up on your absence, there was even a time when our helper quit when we were away. Going to long vacations is not our style, we both have demanding jobs. And thinking of just traveling out of Manila in this traffic make us tired. Maybe when our son is older we may try vacationing in the province but as of now we will just stick to Metro Manila.

We usually look for hotels online and see if the amenities are to our liking and we book ahead. Great news for us is the increase in the available hotels in Manila and the whole country, there are really hotels to cater to everyone, for families, balikbayans and even just for couples like us who from time to time like to relax. There are even Value Hotels in the Philippines available online. It makes it easier for us to choose what hotel we would like to go to.

As our anniversary nears I would be busy planning a great romantic weekend for husband and me or if I can’t wait for it, maybe I can ask for a romantic getaway as a birthday gift next month.

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