Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Edible Giveaways

I am constantly trying to try out new things for my business and throughout last year there are inquiries about edible giveaways for weddings and birthdays. At present I am in the research and development stage in producing edible giveaways for weddings and birthdays. Maybe other events would follow as I improve my skills in crafts and arts.

I receive suggestions encouraging me to join Philippine Wedding bazaars and events so showcase my products and that is my target for this year. Weddings have become a big industry in the country and many business opportunities are available if you know how to tap the market. My main focus my wedding giveaways is to showcase the Filipino culture in my designs, that is why I am looking for materials that shouts “proudly pinoy” as guests would see them.

My dream wedding was to have a Filipiniana theme wedding but I did not have one. Wearing a gown made of Piña, maria clara styled of course and have to whole entourage wear Filipiniana inspired designs and all details like invitations in bamboo holders down to the giveaways was really my dream. But when I realized that having a Filipiniana theme wedding is expensive, I opted to the modern theme but at least I got my other wish to make my wedding “engrande”.

So now I get to design wedding giveaways “filipiniana inspired” to bring out the romantic feelings of the Filipino lover and parts of it is edible too.

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