Friday, August 10, 2007

My World's New Look!

Welcome to Sweet World!!! I have Categorized Myself!

It's been weeks since my last post and I have really missed blogging. There are several reasons why.... the most notable is that we were sick! As in my whole family, it started with my son catching the virus at school making him sick for more than 2 weeks and ending it with both me and my husband being sick at the same time last weekend its was really one nasty bug for we had the fever, cold, cough, running nose and allergy, the whole ensalada at the same time. I still have the cold and the cough today lucky for me there was no classes last weekend.
Another reason is the improvement of my blog, I've been meaning to do it for the longest time and luckily after a few "no classes/suspension" I had finally the time to do it.

Here are the new things I accesorized myself with:

Proudly Pinoy Logo - I am proud to be a Filipino and being inspired by Yatot I also displayed the logo.

Pinoy Moms Network - I have been a member for a few months now and now finally I am proud to flaunt it.

Categories - I have been wanting for the longest time to have categories in my blog and now thanks to FreshBlog and Ted for writing the bookmarklet. It took me a few sleepless nights but it was worth it.

Technorati - I have a technorati account for the longest time but only had updated the code recently.

Now that my Blog had a makeover expect more juice and sweetness from me, I have this reviews I am raring to start and experiences that I would like to share.

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yatot said...

hey thanks... glad i inspired you for posting that proudly pinoy logo! everybody should do that! hehehhe

me too, hindi na din nakakapag-update kasi nagkasakit ako. pero magaling na ako... rush lng kasi kami ng kaunti kaya hindi ko na-update... i'll be updating some small entries para naman may ma-read ka! hehehhe