Friday, August 10, 2007

Marimar 2007

GMA7 is making a remake of Marimar and will be televised starting Monday. When I first heard about it I was upset. Remaking something as good as Marimar would surely be unacceptable, specially thinking local stars portraying my favorite star Thalia, really pissed me off. But looking at the promotional pictures and getting a glimpse of the video piqued my interest, something in me took noticed and now I am looking forward to the telecast this coming Monday. Even my friends who were as addicted to Marimar ten years ago are all excited. Looking at the pictures I got from, indicated that the soap is well made, I hope so.

When Marimar was aired in RPN 9 in 1996 I was really hooked, even coming home early from work just to watch it, come to think of it, almost all of Manila was hooked with the Mexican Telenovela. I even watch the two concerts of Thalia when she came here in the country, and I have been a fan ever since I even have her latest album.

The Marimar Plot

Marimar is peasant girl. She lived by the sea with her grandparents, and fell in love with Sergio, the son of the owner of an "hacienda". To spite his father and his young stepmother, Sergio marries Marimar; however, he falls deeply in love with her

Sergio's stepmother, Angélica, despises Marimar because of her poverty, naïveté and innocence. She cruelly embarrasses Marimar, often demeaning her as an individual in front of her friends and guests.

Sergio decides to go away to earn enough money to take Marimar away from his father's house. After leaving Marimar alone with his family, Angélica frames Marimar and tells the cops that she stole a bracelet from her. Marimar is sent to jail.

While Marimar is in jail, Angélica orders one of her servants to burn down her grandparents' hut with them inside, killing them both. She then forges Sergio's handwriting and writes a letter to Marimar stating that he never loved her and wants a divorce. At this moment, Marimar decides that she will exact revenge from Sergio, his father, and Angélica.

My Expectations:

It still too early to say if this remake still have the same effect it had ten years ago, all I can say is that Marimar has a special place in the Filipino's heart I just hope this remake will not tarnish it in any way. I'll be watching the telecast next week and will give my verdict then.


SexyMom said...

i remember having watched the original version years ago on 2, now on 7 i wonder if i will be able to watch it.

joan_pinon said...

@SexyMom - you can watch it on You Tube if you fail to catch it on TV and the story offers fresh twists really addicting stuffs. :)