Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Ice Age3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, My Review

Ice Age is my son’s favorite movie, he memorized all the dialogs of the first 2 movies and was waiting since last year for this movie. We had big plans for this movie, my husband thought that it will be shown in IMAX but was disappointed that it will not be shown. He wanted the movie to be the first movie my son will experience in IMAX.

Since the posters were advertising that Ice Age3 is a 3D movie, we started asking around for theaters offering 3D days before the movie will be shown. The SM North’s The Block was highly recommended, and since The Block is new we decided to watch there.

The first disappointment came from the Digital Theater of the Block was undergoing repairs on that day a Saturday, July 4, the second day of showing and it was too late to go to other Malls and Lorenzo is already panicking about the delay of his watching the movie. We had no choice but to watch the movie in their regular theater and since the line for buying tickets was long we had to wait for almost two hours for our screening time.

The biggest disappointment for me is the theater itself for I feel the Screen is too small and their sound system is not good. There was a Transformer movie showing beside our theater and you can hear the action scenes from there inside our cinema. And to think that The Block is newly constructed, I can’t believe at this age of technology they would make a low quality cinema. Tsk, Tsk. It’s a good thing my son is just a kid and would not be that sensitive to the quality of the theater but as parents and a paying customer I would definitely not watch again in SM North’s Cinemas.

The Movie Review

For the Movie itself, I would rate it 3 out of 5 popcorn. It was a riot, really made for kids; exciting dinosaur chases, there was drama and suspense but compared to the first 2 movies the plot is not that original or engaging. The Original movie was still the best!

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