Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, My Review

As a Harry Potter fan, I am very satisfied with this movie. It showed all the important parts of the 6th book and laid the foundation for movie viewers to understand or ready them for the conclusion of the Harry Potter series.

The young actors in this movie showcasing maturity in their portrayal of their characters and the veteran actors that played Prof. Dumbledore, Prof. Snape and even Prof. Slughorn showed us more than what we read in the book.

The movie showed us the side of Voldermort from being a child to a young wizard like Harry it lets us get to known him. The movie focused on the struggles the young wizards undergoes during this difficult teenage year, we saw them make bad choices and how they survive them. But in my opinion the kissing scene of Harry and Ginny is too tame for book 6. Ha ha ha.

I was satisfied with the Quidditch Game, the best! I know there is not much action in this movie but so is in the book.

All in all I gave The Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 4 1/2 popcorn out of 5. I would highly recommend that before watching the last 2 movies is for all to read the Deathly Hallows to really enjoy the movie.

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