Sunday, March 08, 2009

Celebrating A Milestone

I stop celebrating my birthday a few years ago, preferring a quite/private dinner with my husband. It helps me reflect, evaluate and think about what have I achieved so far in life and what more I want to achieve. But this year was different for I decided to celebrate with family and friends. I wanted to share my blessings and showcase my skills in the kitchen.

Turning 35 years old is a big thing to a woman, wrinkles, biological clocks and grey hair are becoming a normal part of day to day life. And this year I want to celebrate it with a BANG!

It was so good to be surrounded with friends and family that you rarely see these days because of the busy lives you all live. I am so thankful that they all came. Seeing all of my friends together from college and high school made me giddy with joy.

It was also a time to discover shared interests and business ideas. Everybody was happy and well fed, even taking home delicious food made lovingly by me and my family.

As for me, I have big decisions to make that would have big changes in my life.

  • I decided to give my business the attention it needs not grow. I want to open my first store soon. I finally found a great business partner.
  • I want to spent more time with my husband and son. They need special care only a wife and mother can do.
  • Teaching may take a backseat, I might limit the number of hours I am teaching. It’s taking its toll on health and my family time.

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