Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes - Sabi ni Jollibee "Share"

I am proud to say that my son Lorenzo is a very generous person. One of the toughest things that any parent could teach their kids is the right values, this is one of my fears – that I may not be able to teach him good values. Being respectful, friendly, generous, kind, industrious and self reliant these are the values I want my son to have.

Being a working mom I have this fear that I may not be able to teach him the right values for I work six days a week. So far my five year old have most of these values in place, but I realize you have to continuously work at it.

Sabi ni Jollibee “ SHARE”
A few months ago there was these TV program at GMA7 called “Jollitown”, it was a show featuring Jollibee characters it airs every Sunday morning and my son loves watching it. One the things greatly impressed upon him was about sharing and my son regularly reminds us about it. He would say the phrase “ Sabi ni Jollibee share” on anything he wants to take part in.

Like I am using my laptop and he wants to use it, he would say “ Sabi ni Jollibee share” , so he can use it or if we are eating and he likes the food I have in my plate, or if I am reading something he would say “ Sabi ni Jollibee share”. It is nice that he understand the concept of sharing and there are times that it can be a bother when he insists on “sharing” but at least he is also reminding us on the value of sharing and serve as good examples.

“Maduling-dulingan kaya tayo”

There was this time when my son and I were eating breakfast that I forgot to get a sausage from the serving plate until there was only one piece left. It was a new product we recently bought so I have not tasted it yet to see if it was really good. I ask my son if I could have the sausage because he seems to love eating it. What my son did shocked me. He picked up his fork got the sausage then held it up, then declared “Maduling-dulingan kaya tayo”.

I was speechless, I did not know if I would burst out laughing or crying. The “Maduling-dulingan kaya tayo” phrase was from the Fita commercial about a single Fita biscuit left to be shared by two friends and ending up both of them having to eat different flavors of the biscuit sandwich.

I was shocked because I will likely not going to have my taste of the sausage if we have the “magduling-dulingan tayo” for I will only be imagining that I tasted the sausage since my son is holding the real sausage. So I sighed and finished my breakfast promising myself to eat the sausage first when we have it again another day.

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