Monday, October 06, 2008

My Cellphone is LOST

I was a victim of a pickpocket today at 6am in the morning. Crossing Aurora Blvd in Cubao this morning someone bumped me from the side but I ignored it for I was anxious to get to the other side to ride the FX. When I rode the FX I noticed my backpack pocket was open, but it seemed nothing was missing for my wallet was still inside and in prominent view.

After a few minutes as we are moving, someone’s cellphone ringed I remembered my cell and began looking for it in my bag but it was not there. I tried very hard to remember if I placed it in the bag, I just had it charged and remembered holding it before leaving the bedroom but can’t be sure if I put it in the bag. I usually misplaces the cellphone, even the remote of the TV when I am at home and at times forgot about it for a day or two so I was not overly concerned about not having it with me today.

During my break, I called home to ask if they could look for my cell in the house for I can’t remember if I indeed brought it, and told them about how I found my bag opened as I got inside the taxi.

My only regret is my cell number, I had that number 0917-9863772 since 1997. The contact numbers I have it recorded in my notebook since I changed cellphone almost a year ago. I bought my cellphone in Divisoria 168 and the only value to me is its TV feature. Texting and calling using that cellphone was a pain. Recalling that have saved the pictures and videos on it on my computer and there was no compromising pictures saved calmed me.

Lesson Learned?
That you can never be too complacent or too trusting of people. I grew up in Cubao, lived there practically my whole life and this is my first time to experience being "victimized" in what I believe is my turf and knows the people on the streets(the barkers, street vendors and even the beggars). We must always be vigilant of our surroundings no matter what time of day it is.

I have plans buying a new cellphone before the end of the year anyways, what happened today made it sooner than later. To all my friends I maybe asking your contact numbers again when I buy my new cell.


jaydj said...

That's sad to hear. ako rin sanay ako sa Cubao area and know saan delikado sa anong oras at hinde. but even 6 in the morning ? grabe.

kakapanghinayang nga having the same number for more than 10 yrs. hirap magadjust. bigay ko sayo no. ko when we meet up.

wag masyado hitech phone bilhin mo ha... ;)

ingat !

joan_pinon said...

@jaydj - yeah nde ako makapaniwala that even in the morning it can happen. I'm still looking for a new phone to buy then I'll contact you agad.

jaydj said...

ang mp3king may sale sa phones... lowest price is P1,200. for a basic phone. philips, alcatel, lg, motorolla, nokia mga models na frills and tassles but serves the purpose of communication. meron ring LG K250 na 3g phone and cam na for mga 4-5K :)

joan_pinon said...

@jaydj - yeah andami nga buy one take one pa, but my hubby wants me to consider a business phone dahil sa negosyo ko, balak ko nga yung tig 2thou lang eh. Mas upset sya nung nawala yung phone ako ok lang para tahimik sem break ko finals today wala maghahabol na bagsak hehehe :)

Sexy Mom said...

that's too bad, but what is important is that you went home intact--there are snatchers or pickpockets who hurt their victims.

joan_pinon said...

@sexy mom - yeah i'm thankful yun lang nakuha. Mukhang malapit na nga pasko ko kasi pati brother ko nadukutan din ng cellphone sa mall last weekend.
We really have to be vigilant and careful, mahirap na panahon ngayon. I always pray na sana all members of my family comes home safe everyday.

betty said...

Once you loose your celphone milagro na lang kung makita mo pa. EVen in SIngapore I lost my cell twice and in our building pa at sa toilet pa near my office. 5 minutes lang off na cellphone ko. Nobody would return your cell if they found it.

joan_pinon said...

--- yeah. Nanghihinayang lang ako sa mga lost contact numbers. Cellphones can be replaced but the connection to friends and love ones cannot.
Until now I am still affected by those loss.

Thanks for the visit!