Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blogging from Home - The BOOK!

I got my copy of the Blogging from Home book by Janette Toral last thursday night. I was so eager to read the book as I will be conducting a seminar/workshop on blogging and podcasting next month.

The book is an easy read, full of mind maps, screenshots and features that will guide you on blogging specially if you are just starting to blog. For the experienced blogger it is a handy reference for you to take your blog to the next level or to maximize the potential of your blog.

As a professor, I give high points to the book for presenting the technical details in a very simple and straight forward manner. It will be a joy to read and follow even if you are a newbie blogger or an experienced one. I am letting my mom and dad read it for I am teaching them blogging soon as I have my dsl set up.

The book is a great gift to give to friends specially if you are persuading them to blog like I do or if they asks for your guidance while they are blogging and you can only help them thru text messages for you are not physically able to meet. I already ordered two more books to give to friends. I can't wait to give it to them.

Congratulations to Janette Toral for this wonderful book!

4 comments: said...

Hello Joan. Thank you for the kind note and glad you find the book useful. Cheers!

jaydj said...

Hi Joan !

great book indeed. I'm into just about the first 30 pages but it's very resourceful and handy.

Dala ko ngayon pagpupupunta ako sa bank at mahaba pila para makarami akong mabasa. :)

Enjoy !

ash said...

hi mam..!
ash poh..1-2 MA bshrm..
parang kilala q ung student na nasa likuran nyo..hehe.. c klasm8 donna yan,.. mam pa-add poh...
di xe q marunong mag-add d2 sa bloggers...

Anonymous said... nice blog!!! good teaching!!! classmate ko yung nasa likod nyo po...add nyo ko bilang friend nyo po...tnx