Sunday, July 13, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes - Quiapo

"Mommy I am sad, sakay tayo LRT, punta tayo Quiapo

para bili ako ng kapatid"

It was my mom's birthday yesterday July 12, and my brothers came to wish her a happy birthday. My brother Jon brought with him his family and so my son was happy to have his cousins to play with. I was not at home then for I was in a strategic planning workshop in school. I came home aroung 5 in the afternoon and my mother told me about her visitors that afternoon.

I was wondering where is my son Lorenzo for he did not came rushing to greet me as he always do. When I went to our room I saw my son playing on the bed and I ask how is he. He replied "Mommy I am sad, sakay tayo LRT, punta tayo Quiapo para bili ako ng kapatid". Then he tearfully told me about his cousin Matt and his brother Jet and that they are gone now and he has no one to play with, and he wished he has a brother too.

I told him that he has no brother as of now but maybe if he can wait till next year we can have one. Still depressed about now having a brother now I just told him that we love him and we are a family naman.

This morning he woke me up and told me that we can go to Quiapo today to look for his "kapatid". I told him that it is not that easy and we have to go somewhere else today. He went to church to pray to Jesus for a brother or sister and then drove his grandparents crazy about what to eat as they go to the mall.

I don't know where did he get the idea of buying a sibling at Quiapo but we do go to Quiapo as a family, we go to church there sometimes and buy toys and even our pet birds we bought in the area, maybe that is where he got the idea you can buy anything you wish for there. I asked all our family members if they told him to buy a brother in Quiapo but they denied it.


Sexy Mom said...

maybe he was so mesmerized with Quaipo, such that everything was there, that is was the answer--you could get your supply of all things that you need, a brother included. oh, the sweet innocence of childhood.

REG said...

i remember also asking my mom then to buy a brother and sister for me...but i know that my mom went to Quaipo Church and prayed in front of the image of the Black Nazarene so she can get pregnant as she was having difficulty conceiving...the result of her prayers, me ;-)

kats said...

When I was younger there's a family joke that my sibling and parents would tell me that "napulot ako sa SM" and my older sister was "napulot sa COD". So when I read your post it made me remember that and gave a smile in my face.

Even today, my niece and nephew would be branded as "napulot sa Gateway" since now these are the places we would often go to.