Sunday, September 16, 2007

A house or a business? What should I choose?

One of our dreams is to have our own house, and were on the planning stages on when, where and what do we need to have one. Owning a house or pursuing a business is on my mind nowadays, I have to decide which one would have to be first, for if we acquire a house first most of our financial resources would be pooled there and it would take years to pay off a housing loan and there might not be enough money left to start a business. While if we put our financial resources to support/put up a business, that business might grow and then we can have enough savings to buy the house we really wanted someday. It might take a few years but at least I would have an inspiration to really make the business a success.

As of today we don’t really have the money to purchase a house in full and can only pay the down payment, and that’s for a house that is not even our dream house for houses on sale today are really so expensive. I am also checking very carefully on mortgage loans and mortgage loan processing requirements of different banks to be able to assess if we can really afford to have loans.

At present it seems we will go with the business first, but still getting all information about having your own house is really reassuring that maybe you can’t afford it today but you can work hard for it and maybe have it in the future.

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