Monday, September 24, 2007

The Blogging Project

My class in Introduction to Information and Technology have this blogging project, I gave them 5 blog post assignment(one post per week) with specific topics that will end this semester. It is not compulsory, it is to be their final project I let them choose between blogging or the traditional 30-paged term paper about how to earn money online.

My students are freshmen BSBA students so the topic on the research is interesting/beneficial to them. Its been a very long and tiring week on keeping tabs on each of them as they create their blogs. One of our difficulties was there is no computer laboratory at PLMAR that has internet connection, so our communication during this writing project is thru text messaging, yahoo messenger, email and friendster.

After a few sleepless nights checking and linking blogs to my tech site the digitized youth, which I made specially for my students in mind, I now have the pleasure of reading their blogs (and of course grading them).

It is only the second week of our writing activity but I personally gained a deeper understanding of my students. I got to know them outside our classroom and discovered how beautiful and interesting each one of them are, as individuals. And now, I am looking forward to their next posts, I still have to add my comments to their blogs though.

I would also like to invite you to read their blogs they are still newbies but I see a great future in their blogs.

Happy Reading!

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