Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Goodbye and Thank you Tita Cory

The first time I heard of Ninoy Aquino was the day he was assassinated. I was in the third grade and was playing near my father when the news from the radio broke that Ninoy Aquino is dead. It was the first time I saw my father cried, shock and anger was reflected in his face, I was puzzled for I personally don’t know any Ninoy Aquino that is related to my family.

As a child I was aware of the changes happening around me after Ninoy Aquino’s assassination. Living near Araneta Center, I witnessed rallies with people wearing yellow and making Laban sign. I first got to know about Cory Aquino thru a comics about her life during the Snap Presidential election campaign, as a child I was really impressed about her life. My parents were very active followers of Cory Aquino, importance of what is happening in the country is taught to us at home. Family friends and relatives were active during the EDSA Revolution.

Living near EDSA brought excitement for a child like me during that EDSA Revolution, it brought endless days of playtime for me for there were no classes then for a week. The real work as a student came when we went back to school. Teachers imparted to us the relevance of the EDSA Revolution and how we had a new president for the country.

My President

I was eleven years old when Cory Aquino became president of our country, you can say she was My First President. I was educated about politics during her time and my political views and love of country was influenced and molded during her regime.

The whole duration of my student life from grade five to high school I was punctuated with the awareness of President Aquino and her administration. Knowledge in Current Events is very important. Her speeches were dissected and discussed in class, people in her cabinet are memorized and events and decisions she made as president analyzed. You can say that because of these I have very high standards and expectations of our government officials, choosing my candidates from barangay to the president to be elected is very important for me.

Thank you President Cory in having a hand in molding me as a Filipino and I am proud of it. Growing up during your regime made me proud of being a Filipino and helped me decide to stay in the country when it was easy for us to leave the country and migrate abroad. Time and time again it was proven to me that I am needed here that as an educator to serve our countrymen.

By your example being a proud Filipino I will continue to serve our country to the best of my abilities. I will start by making sure to choose the next President of the Philippines would have your qualities, serving the country wholeheartedly and not because of personal gain.

Goodbye My President Corazon C. Aquino

Thank you for the renewed Hope for our beloved country The Philippines, you will never be forgotten, you will forever live in our hearts.

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