Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Engineering Research Conference 2007

The College of Engineering, PUP is celebrating this week an important milestone in their quest for academic excellence by having the First Engineering Research Conference at the Ninoy Aquino Leaning and Resource Center at PUP, Manila from March 12-16 2007.
The theme for the conference is “Engineers, Engineering, Re-Engineering: Facing the Challenges of Research and Development”. The college aims to harness the gratifying benefits of research and development to offer to the university and its students an R & D driven engineering education.

The week long event is participated not just by the academic community but also with the government and private sectors as well. The Department of Science and Technology DOST and Commission on Higher Education CHED presented their policies on how they can help the academic community in their researches and also shared their knowledge in the field of engineering on the development of the country, Accenture and SMART also presented their plans in supporting the academic community in their endeavor.

The conference serves as a venue where the academic community, from PUP and other colleges and universities can present their researches in the various fields of engineering and ICT, as an academic I will be presenting my paper, titled “The ICT Profile of 4th year Computer Engineering students as a PREDICTOR to ICT EDUCATION” on Thursday March 15, 2007 and will blog more about it on the coming days.

The Conference is about the field of Engineering but one might ask what is its relevance or relation to ICT? We live and breathe ICT or Information and Communications Technology (Internet, Mobile Communications, digital equipments, etc.) today in our daily lives and engineering is the design, analysis and construction of a certain body of work for a specific purpose. The application of this engineering concepts in ICT ensures that the information systems and information management is working as it should be.

Software Reengineering or Reverse engineering is one of the most important activities done today in the business industry. As businesses automate to their activities they need the reengineering process to achieve this, it involves the examination and alteration of a system(manual business system) to reconstitute it in a new form (automated/computerized/networked system). As more and more businesses become automated the demands for these kind services increases. Businesses can choose to develop their own systems or outsource its to companies specializing in business process outsourcing services or knowledge process outsourcing.

Throughout the conference activities the attendees are encouraged to be involve in researches specially in the field of emerging technologies like ICT and make this researches something that can be used by the people or contribute to the world’d body of knowlegde. I believe that researches in the field of software engineering is still small and maybe in the future I can have a research in this field where I can contribute to the ICT community.

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