Saturday, May 13, 2006

Yes Master!

That's what my husband calls me these days, eversince I graduated last wednesday, May 10 with the degree of Master in Information Technology(MIT), all our conversations end with "Yes Master!".

I know it is his form of endearment and at the same time it tells me how proud he is of my achievement. Looking back I try to remember the reason on what made me pursue a masters degree, it started on 1999 I was still single then having taught for a year in PUP. The first reason I remember in taking up my masters was for professional advancement and my friends invited me to enroll so that we can be classmates.

My Stint in UP . . .

I first enrolled in UP in 1999 taking up Masters of Science in Computer Science, unfortunately I
stayed there for only a semester, it was hard for me commuting to UP in the afternoons and going home at night on a rainy season, its difficult to get a ride in a jeepney and the school calendar is identical to the one where I am teaching. Imagine having to take you midterm exam at the same time your students are taking theirs? And your not present to supervise their exam. I decided to stop my studies after the semester since I was already becoming busy with my wedding preparations.

Looking back I realized that at that time I was not really serious in pursuing my masters and that I was not mature enough to accept being a student again and dedicate myself to really studying hard. I can also say that maybe at that time all I could think of was my wedding and about being in love.

After two years, I again took up my masters studies this time in PUP with the degree in Master of Science in Information Technology(MSIT). It took me a while to finish (five years to be exact) but for me it was a choice, I did not enroll during summers and I took a break for 2 semesters, one when I was pregnant and another when my son will be having his first birthday, I concentrated on his big day and did not want to risk failing my compre exam which was also on the same week. So I postponed taking my compre, and waited the next semester to take it. One regret I have though is not having my thesis, I realized that it will take time and money and I don't have plenty of those.

Lesson Learned:
Taking up a masters degree made me who I am now
  1. I learned to be humble, I know that there are people that know more than I do and I have to respect and learn from them.
  2. As an individual we must always strive to learn new things, it does not matter if its not related to your field or work. (I enrolled in baking class this summer and it was great!)
  3. Always be ready to share your knowledge with others, what we know is a gift from God we can share to people to enrich their lives as well as your own.
  4. Be open to new ideas and discoveries. It helps to be always updated.
  5. Being in the IT industry means you have to keep up with the technology, learning is non stop if you don't want to be left behind.

I know that having this degree people expect more of me, so what are my future plans?

For starters I plan to pursue my dream on having my own online business. Enjoying my family life. I would also like to try to have some corporate part time work. I miss being in the industry. At time point in my life career advancement would be an additional bonus.

A doctorate degree?

I still have plans to take a doctoralte degree Doctor in Business Adminstration perhaps but not right now. I want my husband to take a masters degree also, and I will be there to support him 100%. After he graduates then I will pursue my next degree and I also plan to take it abroad.


Grace E. said...

it's such a very inspiring story, inspite of your busy sched you really take an effort to pursue your dreams, that's the spirit! it really shows that nothing is impossible if you just focus on your goals and have a strong determination.

i also admire your husband, for the support, it's not easy... but see, where are you right now?

thanks for everything ma'am! thanks for being a teacher and a friend! (chocolate! hehehe)

we're proud of you Master! :)

Anonymous said...

ma'am joan, congrats po! - louise, PUP CoE batch 2003

Anonymous said...

Hi ma'm! First of all congrats po sa pagiging MASTER! Maybe now we also can call you our Master Professor!he,he! Hope you still remember me! I'm one of your studs. n humingi ng consideration to you for completing my SAP 3 last April lang! Kilala nyo pa rin po kaya ako!? Sana pwede p rin po namin kayong malapitan everytime my problem about our projects!.. Anyways, all I can say is that your one of the BEST Professor we had in Computer Engineering Dept. Cee Yah n lng din po this semester!