Monday, April 17, 2006

My First Sweet Blog

It is the day after Easter, I find myself sitting in a room with fellow educators attending a seminar-workshop with the topic Blogging 101. Blogging is a bit familiar to me before this day, although I read and scan other people's blogs and not participate at all and now I can be one of them.

On a day when some people still have hang-overs after a long vacation and here I am exercising my brains on something new thinking what have I gotten myself into?

I reminded myself that I am in a seminar – workshop, looking for its meaning in the dictionary:

Seminar - a form of academic teaching, at a university or offered by a commercial or professional organization, in small groups where students are requested to actively participate during meetings.

A workshop is also a gathering or training session which may be several days in length. It emphasizes problem-solving, hands-on training, and requires the involvement of the participants.

So both activities involves active participation, so here goes my first output for this activity.

As an educator skilled enough in making students sweat when I am teaching something new to them and concepts that they should learn about, I find myself in the their shoes sweating it out in producing my very first blog. Although it is very cold here in Netopia, I think I have to change my expression to working my butt off.

The workshop for me is very refreshing for it is seldom for us educators to be on the other side of the classroom so to speak and it keeps me grounded realizing I still have so much to learn from other people that sometimes you have to be a student to learn new things that would benefit you and your students as well.

Looking forward to my next blog post!


Dtm said...

Hey hey hey.. May blog na si Ma'am Joan! ..and it's so pinkish.. Actually, I've had a blog at blogspot too before but I suddenly stopped (tinamad) then removed all the previous posts.. but I might just make another one, so link po tayo!

digitalfilipino said...

Hi Joan. We missed you today. Don't forget to register and claim your blog at Cheers!

reggie said...

hi joan! wala akong 'cheatmate' kahapon :-( hope everything's well with you...i also hope to have a taste of your yummy chocolate candies someday :-)

bluejamel said...

hi Ma'am joan... turuan mo ko gumwa ng bloag ha.. hehehe!
cge, mag-doctorate ka, sabay tau ha.. antay mo ko pagbalik ko ha.. para may clasmeyt ulit ako na professor ko.. hehehe!
naku, pressure ako nyan, bawal ang kopyahan..hahaha!
well, it's been a fun for me to be one of your students in college. thanks!
Mel Valerio

madmar said...

Hi Joan! this is Adam from Monsay. Congrats and Im very happy for you!